The Company

Primoss S.r.l.
Founded in 1990, Domoferm Italia has been operating under the Primoss brand since 2015 and continues to be a reliable domestic and international partner for industry and construction. The homogeneous structure of its specialised partner companies guarantees the highest level of professionalism and thus ensures a rapid response to changes in the market. So that innovative products and optimal solutions set new perspectives for the future today.

The company based in Ora (South Tyrol) has constantly expanded its product range over the years and combines traditional know-how with modern materials. Hardly any other functional element of a building is used more intensively every day than the door. The door must guarantee optimal functionality and reliability for decades.

Fire door production

Admittedly, the times are long gone when production facilities were little more than a group of craftsmen under one roof. New types of drive units, steam and gas turbines and electric motors ushered in a change. If the increasing quality of industrially manufactured products from the late 1950s onwards was the result of precise machine tools and new production processes, standardisation and typification, the triumphant advance of industrial robots in the 1990s set new standards. If you want to stay ahead in the industry today, you cannot do without technological innovations in research and production – a realisation that Primoss has made its philosophy, and which proves its leading role as a partner for fire doors and gates as well as fire-resistant glazing.

Doors, gates, fire protection – since 1990, the leading company has been setting new standards in the contract sector and trade, combining know-how, advice and service as well as an above-average product range – from proven standards to exclusive custom-made products.