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The advantages of acoustic doors

Noise reduces concentration, which is why sound insulation is important. Rooms in which people carry out their activities and desire peace and quiet must be isolated from noise. The use of appropriate doors makes sound transmission more difficult and thus ensures a quieter environment.

Every door provides a certain amount of sound insulation. A sound-insulating construction such as the soundproof door is intended to significantly reduce the transmission of sound from one room to another. Visually, these products usually do not differ from “normal” doors.

There are two types of sound:

With airborne sound, the noise is transmitted via air, such as speech and music. Structure-borne sound is transmitted via a building component, for example impact sound.

It is of little use if the high sound insulation performance of the door is cancelled out by a poorly sound-insulating wall, windows and other components.

The noise protection requirements are regulated according to EN140-3 and always apply to the ready-to-use sound insulated door consisting of door leaf, frame and fittings.

The minimum sound insulation requirements vary depending on the type of building, area or room.

The sound reduction index expresses the difference between the sound level in the room where the sound originates and the room where it arrives. The sound reduction index is measured in decibels. The standard requires a minimum sound insulation of 37 dB for flat entrance doors. Genuine soundproof doors can even achieve up to -50 dB.

Effective soundproofing

Professional installation is essential to ensure effective sound insulation.

Small installation errors can have a big influence on sound insulation. The higher the mass and flexibility of the material, the better the sound-insulating effect.

Soundproof doors are therefore often made in sandwich construction: they are composed of several layers.

Acoustic seals made of elastic materials ensure that the small gap between door and frame is really tight when the door is closed. Special drop-down seals are available for the gap between the door and the floor. These plastic seals not only reduce sound propagation, but also improve thermal insulation and smoke protection at the same time.