Setting the fire doors

Maintenance should be performed regularly

All fire doors or emergency exit doors must be serviced regularly to ensure that there are no defects and that they close properly. Maintenance should be performed regularly to ensure that the door is free to walk on, that the automatic closing devices are working, and that the correct sequence of closing is followed for 2-leaf doors. Doors must be kept free of obstructions. After every 5000 opening operations or at least every six months, the following maintenance operations must be performed:
– Lubricate the KO band
– Lubricate the spring hinge, but without increasing the force of the spring.
– Lubricate the lock and the latch.
– Check that the latch closes completely into the strike plate and not only partially.

This is how it's done!

Note: Use a low-density, non-flammable agent for lubrication.
Adjusting the hinge Insert the door leaf into the frame according to the indicated sequence so that the upper and lower hinges match. Insert the hinge parts (starting with the spring hinge bolts).

Insert the spring band bolt into the spring band. For the KO band, position the ball bearing in the lower area; position the washers in the upper area; insert the KO band bolt through the elements.

To set the self-closing of the fire doors, insert the locking pin A into the spring hinge bolt and tension the spring and turn it in the opening direction. Keep the spring under tension by inserting the locking pin B. The spring must be tensioned so that the door closes automatically in stages at 45°, 90° and 180° (locking pin and tensioning pin are included in the door fitting accessories bag).

If necessary, regulate the door so that the gap dimensions mentioned.

For vertical regulation, please use the washers in the KO band.

Unscrew the bottom part of the frame and remove the plastic spacer in the door leaf and lock area. Remove the plastic spacer.

NOTE: If the door is equipped with a door closer, please follow the maintenance instructions included in the door closer box.

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