Multifunctional soundproof doors

porte insonorizzate

Door with sound insulation 47 db

Door with sound insulation 47 db corresponding to European standard EN ISO 140-3/A1and EN 717-1

Noise is disturbing, distracting and reduces well-being and performance. For this reason, protection against ambient noise is one of the most important requirements and quality features of soundproof doors in the building trade. Above all, sound transmission from neighbouring rooms in the audible frequency range of 16 Hz to 16,000 Hz can be effectively reduced.

Soundproof doors are of particular importance for acoustic comfort. The mere possibility of being able to use soundproof doors is a relief for the entire working environment.

Our soundproof doors are characterised by a high degree of acoustic insulation and are available in various RAL powder colours to suit any environment.

The soundproof doors can be made with one or two leaves.

Certifications and approvals guarantee that the door is soundproof, reducing noise by 47 dB, an exceptional value for a door.


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Soundproof doors