Multipurpose Door
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Suitable for many environments, customizable with our range of accessories is the perfect solution for living and working environment.

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Multipurpose door MS1F and MS2F

Suitable for many environments, configurable with many accessories, it is the perfect solution for the living and working environment.
Colours, square or round windows, handles of various shapes, you choose how to configure your door.
The door is available in one or two leaf version in standard or custom sizes, optional with thermal and acoustic insulation.


Battente / Telaio

  • multipurpose door
  • one or two doors in standard or custom sizes
  • 53 mm or 64 mm door
  • optional with rectangular or round glass inserts
  • door closers with various types of closure
  • montaggio con telaio ad angolo tipo MC3 per muratura o montaggio con tasselli.
  • surface with RAL powder coating

Dimensions and packaging

  • DL-Larghezza: 500-1300 mm, 900-2900 mm
  • DL-Altezza: 1760-2450 mm, 1760-2450 mm
  • serratura DIN standard predisposta per ricevere cilindro profilo europeo, altezza maniglia a 1050 mm
  • predisposta per il montaggio di maniglione antipanico
  • incluso cilindro profilo europeo con 3 chiavi
  • maniglia in acciaio inox DIN 72 mm antinfortunistica
  • door with 2 height adjustable hinges
  • n. 10 steel plugs 10×132 mm
  • 30 pezzi distanziatori in metallo
  • imballo per singolo ordine su paletta


1 Battente

2 Battenti

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