Multipurpose Door
Luxury Line

The door with superior features and quality. Our line of multi-purpose LUXURY doors meets your most demanding requirements.

Multipurpose door MS1F and MS2F

Wherever you are looking for a door with superior features, our LUXURY multi-purpose door line meets your needs.
This door with a leaf thickness of 53mm or 64mm is suitable for a variety of applications.


Leaf / frame

  • multifunctional door with sheet metal thickness 10/10
  • door leaf thickness 64 mm or 53 mm
  • standard or custom dimensions
  • battuta aperta alta sui 3 lati
  • single or double leaf steel door in standard or custom sizes
  • door with optional rectangular or round glass inserts
  • choice of components and accessories
  • tante varianti di serrature manuali ed elettriche
  • various types of door closers
  • montaggio su varie tipologie di muratura scegliendo il telaio adatto
  • telaio tipo ad angolo, ad imbotte e telaio tipo B per montaggio in luce
  • surface with RAL coating

Dimensions and packaging

  • serratura DIN standard predisposta per ricevere cilindro profilo europeo, altezza maniglia a 1050 mm
  • predisposto per il montaggio di maniglione antipanico
  • incluso cilindro profilo europeo con 3 chiavi
  • maniglia in acciaio inox DIN 72 mm antinfortunistica
  • cerniere in acciaio inox
  • 1 pezzo chiudiporta tipo a scelta
  • imballo per singolo ordine su paletta
  • DL-Larghezza:   500-1300 mm, 900-2600 mm
  • DL-Altezza:  1760-2450 mm, 1760-2450 mm


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