Multipurpose Door
Luxury Line

The door with superior features and quality. Our line of multi-purpose LUXURY doors meets your most demanding requirements.
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Multipurpose door
MS1F and MS2F

Wherever you are looking for a door with superior features, our LUXURY multi-purpose door line meets your needs. This door with a leaf thickness of 53mm or 64mm is suitable for a variety of applications.


Door and Frame

multifunctional door with sheet metal thickness 10/10
3-sided open thick rebate
one or two doors in standard or custom sizes
53 mm or 64 mm door leaf
door with optional rectangular or round glass inserts
lama a ghigliottina inserita nel battente su richiesta
disponibili molte varianti di serrature manuali ed elettriche
choice of components and accessories
door closers with various types of closure
installation with angle frame type MC3 for masonry or installation with dowels.
Surface: RAL powder coating
wood-like alternative by lamination
Angle frame, dummy frame and B-frame for overhead installation

Dimensions and packaging

DIN change lock for profile cylinder, lever handle height 1050 mm
Prepared for the installation of panic bars
including European profile cylinder with 3 keys
stainless steel handle DIN 72 mm
door with 2 height adjustable hinges
1 chiudiporta a scelta
No. 10 steel plugs 10×132 mm
n. 30 metal spacers
packaging for single order on pallet


DL-Width: 500-1300 mm, 900-2900 mm
DL-Height: 1760-2450 mm, 1760-2450 mm

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