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The glass fire doors line with steel frames


Characteristics of glass fire doors

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  • Steel frame with intrados supplied in a single piece, integrated with self-expanding gaskets for hot fumes and cold smoke seals. The fire protection is also guaranteed by the presence of insulating plates containing calcium silicates.
  • Transparent glass that gives maximum brightness and elegance to the room, and is available with a thickness of 23 mm (EI2 60) or 52 mm (EI 120).
  • Standard or custom-made door available with 1 or 2 leaves, with T or Z-shaped profiles. The glazing bead can be positioned in two different parts of the door that is, in the push or the pull side of the door.
  • Spring hinges or stainless-steel hinges, divided into number 2 (EI 2) and number 3 (EI 120), both with three adjustable wings. The hinges are secured to the door and to the frame thanks to special threaded inserts and pins. The release of the latter creates some light effects, both in height and in width between the door leaf and the frame.
  • Central rail, placed at a distance of one meter from the floor.
  • Handle with a steel core, which is not only fireproof but also perfectly in line with accident prevention regulations.
  • Fire lock, equipped with a three-key cylinder.
  • Cold smoke gasket, including self-expanding perimetral parts.
  • Lock selector, plus a safety lock and spring staples, both fireproof; the selector is specific for the high/low beam control positioned inside the profile.
  • Door closer, that guarantees the self-closing mechanism.
  • Thermosetting powders of the RAL range, for painting doors and frames.
Our PRIMOSS glass fire doors with steel frames are available in REI 30, REI 60 and REI 120 versions. The line also features many extras that customers can choose according to their needs, including stainless steel handle, YALE cylinder, fairlead, grills and intrados frame.
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