Fire Door
Luxury Line

Fire door 120 minutes (EI2120) or 60 minutes (EI260)
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Fire door 120 minutes (EI2120) or 60 minutes (EI260)

A strikingly beautiful door for all areas of application where special design and functional quality is important. In public spaces, event buildings, museums, etc., the Luxury proves itself not only through its aesthetics, but also through its high level of security.

Options include sound, heat, fire and smoke protection as well as panic systems and a wide range of lock variants.

In this version, the LUXURY door provides 60 or 120 minutes of fire protection in accordance with EN 1634-1 Sa S200 (cold smoke and hot smoke).

CE marking for external doors can be carried out according to EN 16034.


Door and Frame

multifunctional door with sheet metal thickness 10/10
door thickness 64 mm insulated and glued
one or two doors in standard or custom sizes
Design: as fire door element El260 or EI2120 according to EN 1634-1
3-sided open thick rebate
one or two doors in standard or custom sizes
53 mm or 64 mm door leaf
door with optional rectangular or round glass inserts
Flue gas seal sa e s 200. enclosure frame or block frame depending on requirement
choice of components and accessories
Many variants of manual and electric locks
door closers with various types of closure
Mounting on various types of masonry by choosing the appropriate frame
Angle frame, dummy frame and B-frame for overhead installation
Surface with embossed or smooth RAL paint finish, imitation wood variant also for the frame


Dimensioni EI2 60:
DL-Width: 500-1300 mm, 900-2600 mm
DL-Height: 1760-2450 mm, 1760-2450 mm
Dimensioni EI2 120:
DL-Width: 500-1300 mm, 900-2600 mm
DL-Height: 1760-2450 mm, 1760-2450 mm

Dimensions and packaging

including European profile cylinder with 3 keys
stainless steel handle DIN 72 mm
adjustable automatic closing
1 height adjustable hinge with ball bearing
No. 10 steel plugs 10×132 mm
n. 30 metal spacers
single carton packaging
Frame mirror mounted according to the definition of the mitre direction

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