Colour Plus

The touch of colour for steel doors, absolute functionality and design.
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Whether you are an architect who needs to customise the doors of a new building or a private individual, the PRIMOSS PLUS COLOR line provides you with a range of surfaces and colours for steel, fire and office or industrial doors.
colori RAL

Powder coating

COLOR – the steel door is galvanised and powder-coated. The surface has an embossed, matt-coloured texture. Thanks to UV resistance, the surfaces do not yellow over time. Starting from the basic model in white, up to endless colour possibilities! Frame, sash and fenestration can also be customised, allowing for fantastic contrasts.

Stainless steel

The stainless steel door and frame give the decisive touch to your furniture. The product is particularly suitable when moisture resistance is needed or for environments subject to other aggressive factors. It is the ideal solution for environments that require special hygiene conditions, such as hospitals or the food industry.


Primoss offers DECO – the door that doesn’t warp even under the harshest conditions. Blistering, cracking or other signs of deterioration on the surface are prevented, so there is no need for paint or varnish treatments, even after many years.

Colour Palette

Color – RAL 6000

Color – RAL 6005

Color – RAL 6034

Color – RAL 9010

Color – RAL 3000

Color – RAL 1003

Color – RAL 1013

Color – RAL 1015

Color – RAL 5010

Color – RAL 5024

Color – RAL 7024

Color – RAL 7035

Color – RAL 9001

Color – RAL 9002

Color – RAL 9003

Color – RAL 9007

Color – RAL 9011

Color – RAL 9018

Stainless steel

Color – RAL 9010

Color – RAL 9018

Color – RAL 9011

Steel Effect

Stainless/Edelstahl Finish – F12 PPS PP

Aluminium Finish – F16 PP

Aluminium Grey – F23 SMA