Primoss handles in stainless steel for a strong grip

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Of all the elements that distinguish Primoss fire doors, our stainless-steel handles feature a pleasant design and ensure an excellent grip when opening the door.

The optimal use of fire doors is determined by the sum of many elements, but one of the most important and necessary among them is certainly the handle. Whether you think of a small family house or a large and very busy building, the handle is definitely the key tool to enter a room. A fire door handle is something more than any functional element of home automation, and a solid well-made handle allows you to physically perceive the quality of the door you are opening, as well as favouring a perfect first impression of the product.

According to the function, its relative ergonomic shape is chosen. Our stainless-steel handles ensure a perfectly balanced push to open the door immediately. Considering that a fire door can be opened only by using a greater force than with a normal door, the ergonomic shape of the handle also helps preventing any jamming or pinched fingers during movement.

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Users and accessories

The European standards EN 1906 define the use class of the handles and all door components; such elements differ according to the intensity of use and to the user’s care.

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Primoss handles in stainless steel: classic and timeless shapes

It may seem strange, but it is really true: even the stainless-steel handles of fire doors follow trends, just as it happens in the fashion industry. However, despite this, there are a number of classic or even archetypal forms that can have a significant aesthetic impact inside a building. When suggesting our products, we at Primoss mainly focus on classic and functional handles.

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The "U" handle in stainless steel for Primoss fire doors: a classic, with an added value

One of the advantages of the “U” handle consists in the second 90-degree bend, or in the final folding towards the inside of the handle, which prevents shopping bags or jacket sleeves from getting caught in the handle. Furthermore, this configuration supports the palm of the hand when the door is opened, revealing both its functionality and comfort, always in compliance with the UNI EN 179 regulations of 2008 on escape routes.

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