Powder coating

The advantages of powder coating

In order to guarantee the highest quality of our products, our work is powder-coated. This process has significant advantages compared to other coating methods, first-class surface properties in terms of chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion protection. Our powder coating is also superior to our ecological powder coating and does not contain solvents or heavy metals.

In order to achieve a perfect surface, our powder coating is carried out by means of electrostatics. 
The surface to be coated is positively charged by means of high voltage and thus generates an electric field. The powder particles are negatively charged as they are pressed out of the nozzle. Since there are particularly strong electromagnetic forces at the edges and corners, more powder particles are deposited there.

The painted parts are transported to a baking oven where they reach a temperature between 160°C and 200°C depending on the type of paint and the thickness of the piece. Following heating, a phenomenon of melting and cross-linking of the powders takes place, which finally produces a layer of paint that is homogeneous in thickness and degree of adherence.

Our products are best cleaned with pure water, with the addition of a small amount of neutral, synthetic washing solutions. Only soft, non-fibrous cloths, rags, sponges, suede or a soft brush should be used. Greasy, oily or sooty substances can be removed with aromatic-free petrol hydrocarbons. Residues of adhesives, silicone rubber or adhesive tapes etc. can also be removed in this way.