Office doors

Doors with a refined aesthetics, which give comfort and brightness to work environments. Customizable glass or sliding doors.

People who work every day need a motivating and at the same time comfortable environment. An environment with these characteristics can create the basis for success. Many factors are needed to create the optimal environment, one of which we can provide. Doors are an important basis in office furniture to create an environment in which people feel comfortable. Our product lines include both industrial doors and office fire doors to ensure maximum worker safety. Thanks to our finishes and surfaces we provide easily washable steel doors, and for those who like bright working environments or modern open spaces we provide glass doors and sliding doors – also available in basic or fire doors, combining aesthetics, design and functionality. Our team of experts is at your disposal during the design and renovation phase, advising you on the most suitable office doors for your needs, with the possibility of creating customised solutions, even non-standard ones.