Door closer: why it is indispensable

The advantages of door closers

Door closers are increasingly being integrated into fire door architecture to make them complete in terms of use and improve their aesthetics, but what exactly are they used for? Surely the first thing to which this accessory is connected is the more comfortable and silent movement of the door that dampens the noise when closing, but its use goes far beyond these two aspects.

Fire door closers are subjected to countless movements on a daily basis and, in addition to ensuring greater comfort when using the door thanks to the asymmetrical transmission, they also contribute to the safety of the environment. In fact, in emergency situations, such as during a fire, this special accessory combines its functionality with that of the fire door and, keeping the latter well closed, creates a real barrier that prevents the fire from creeping into a room. The door closer is also indispensable for securing very wide fire doors, which can weigh more than 120 kg.

Primoss door closers operate mechanically by means of a hydraulic shock absorber which reduces the spring force. The mechanical principle of the door closer ensures perfect operation even in the event of a power failure and the special geometry of the gears guarantees a high level of movement comfort combined with maximum door ergonomics; in this way the door force is perfectly calibrated to overcome the resistance of the lock.

Modern architecture requires very specific requirements with regard to fire doors, regardless of whether they are aesthetic or functional. The Primoss line of door closers offers a complete spectrum of these requirements, from standard systems to slide mechanisms. This special accessory is therefore a must have for fire doors and our employees are always available to offer efficient technical advice and offer the right product for every need.

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