Fire doors: why buildings need them

Fire Doors

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Fire is unpredictable, and its rapid spread inside a building is extremely dangerous. To prevent and control a fire, we at Primoss develop different types of fire doors that can save our lives.

The risk of fire in buildings, despite taking the necessary precautions to avoid it, should not be underestimated. Fire is an unpredictable element and when it is fed, it spreads very quickly, destroying the surrounding environment just as quickly. To prevent this unpleasant and dangerous situation, we at Primoss produce different types of REI/EI2 fire doors, which can save our lives during a fire at home, inside a building or in any other place where they are installed. These special doors are able to block the advance of the fire for a certain amount of time, by leaving the escape routes free.


Fire doors are a real lifesaver during fires, as they protect us from fire pre-emptively by allowing a quick exit in the event of real danger. There are different types of REI/EI2 fire doors, divided according to the different resistance classes that are indicated by numbers, for example 30, 60 or 120. These numbers indicate the minutes of the door's resistance to fire, therefore an EI2 30 fire door will protect us from the flames for 30 minutes, an EI2 60 door will resist for 60 minutes, and so on. These special doors, in addition to providing real protection, can also be soundproof, burglar-proof and smoke-resistant, by always taking into consideration the needs, the required use, and the place where to install them.


Thanks to these special doors, the spread of fire can be slowed down by limiting damage, and escape routes such as doors, windows and corridors will remain free. Those who are inside the building during the fire can therefore exit quickly, and firefighters can easily enter the interior to block the flames and the smoke.

Fire doors: installation makes the difference

Before purchasing a REI/EI2 fire door, it is advisable to inform yourself in advance about the regulations on fire protection, so as to ensure adequate safety in your building. Obviously, fire prevention norms vary from country to country, and are regulated by specific rules, but, regardless of the law, fire doors are indispensable for having a concrete protection against fire. To choose the perfect REI/EI2 fire door for your needs, it is important to rely on a competent specialist who will advise and guide us in the product choice. Furthermore, installing fire doors is essential for obtaining certification, and must be carried out by a qualified professional. In this regard, we at Primoss provide professional advice and assist the client throughout the process, starting with the choice of the product, going through its installation and subsequently, even when the job is finished, by ensuring its perfect functioning in the event of an emergency.
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