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For the different living, working and storage spaces, protection with REI Primoss doors now also means furnishing.


Fire Doors

PRIMOSS Fire Doors ensure a high fire resistance and contribute to an optimal working and living environment in complete safety, even in the event of a fire, by giving the building a character of its own! In the project of furnishing the home or the workspace, doors can take on the role of a true protagonist. It is not just an aesthetic, but also a functional factor. In fact, there are many types of protection and openness from which to choose the most suitable one.

We are specialized in steel doors, fire doors, security doors and the industry sector.

Multiple solutions are available, regardless of choosing the multi-purpose, the fire or the maxi line for large working and storage environments. PRIMOSS also represents safety, thanks to our multi-function and burglar-proof Security lines, which can be customised thanks to our wide range of surfaces and materials. They are also easy and quick to assemble thanks to our fully equipped packaging. REI doors are built with high resistance to fire in all their parts and, in case of fire, they must isolate from flames. It is essential to reduce the spread of smoke and flames between the different spaces of a building. The installation and the planning phases are fundamental for a correct compartmentalization of the areas, in order to create a safe escape route inside the building. REI 60 doors, for example, ensure thermal insulation in the event of a fire. In any case, the most suitable fire resistance class must be verified, according to regulations and the client’s needs.
Fire Doors





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Our products

Maximum safety in every space.

Our product lines are designed for the needs of the most original and demanding customers, both public and private. Our references are our best calling card. We work throughout the entire design and installation phase of the intervention, for a precise and clean job.

Fireproof and multipurpose doors

They are convenient and perfect both in form and function: a tested solution for your interiors – both in their standard and fire-rated versions – reliable and aesthetically pleasing. Our packaging, made in a single cardboard box, is designed for an optimal product transportation.
primoss luxury plus

Glass doors

Our product lines are designed for the needs of the most original and demanding customers, both public and private. Our references are our best calling card. We are present throughout the entire design and installation phase of the intervention, for a precise and clean work.

PRIMOSS GLASS is the multi-purpose and fireproof glass door with steel frames. It brings much light to the room, by combining elegance with the protection of a REI 30/60 door, which is especially suitable for hospitals, clinics, rest homes, schools, libraries, office doors, subways, theatres, airports and museums.

Sliding doors

They take up little space, have a pleasing aesthetic and give the room character, especially in the case of small areas! The key feature of the whole range of SLIDE sliding doors and gates is their fast assembly, stability and design. They can slide into the wall or outside and, if you check our catalogue, you can combine the frame that best suits your needs!

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vetrate fisse tagliafuoco

Fixed fireproof windows

The Fixed Fire Doors Glass Windows Line, with a steel frame. Discover all the details of the product.

Large sizes

Safety is increasingly becoming a main requirement for customers. PRIMOSS offers a wide range of steel security doors, for internal and external use (up to 10 locking points). Discover our product lines.
Large sizes

100% Customizable

Our coating and surface solutions are for all tastes and environments:
Design Plus is an exclusive digital printing system that allows you to decorate doors with any graphic. Color Plus is a zinc and powder-coated steel door, resistant to UV rays. Our proposals also include various models of steel frames to be installed on prefabricated walls, which can be inserted without difficulty even at a later stage, e.g. during renovation works.


porte per l'industria


Doors for the Industry Safety and performance. DISCOVER In industrial environments with high operability, safety is our primary objective. Our doors, which are the result

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Fire Doors

Fire doors: why buildings need them

Il rischio di incendio negli edifici, nonostante si prendano i dovuti accorgimenti per evitarlo, non è da sottovalutare. Il fuoco è un elemento imprevedibile e quando viene alimentato si diffonde molto velocemente, distruggendo altrettanto rapidamente l’ambiente circostante.

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porta tagliafuoco

Porte tagliafuoco normativa CE

A partire dal 1° novembre 2019 è divenuta obbligatoria la marcatura CE per tutte le porte tagliafuoco pedonali e/o esterne con controllo del fumo. Tale obbligatorietà deriva direttamente dalla fine del periodo di coesistenza della norma di prodotto UNE-EN 16034: 2015 “Per porte, portoni e finestre – Norma di prodotto – prestazioni – caratteristiche di resistenza al fuoco e/o controllo del fumo”.

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